Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tote Bag— Ben 10

My son's birthday is coming soon. So since he gonna be 10 this year, everything is gotta be... "Ben 10"!!! hehee...

I bought him a Ben 10 bedsheet set a few weeks ago, that consists of bedsheet, a pillow case and a bolster case. Since we do not use bolster, I thought its better if I turned it into a tote bag instead then... voila!

I had to made this when he was out in school or at night. So basically he do not know nothing at all about this project. I just hope that he will like it ;)

Here's some info about this tote bag:
  • Finished Size: 12¼" width X 12½" high X 5 5/8" deep
  • Other: with full interfacing, fully lined and its reversible.

Do not feel hesitate to email me for further queries and clarifications, to make a custom handmade bags as this one. Or else, do join me on my Facebook page here!


Yatie said...

tak sangka u ni suka jahit jugak eh... at least ada la kawan nak share idea kan...
i pun suka jahit tapi tak lah terror macam u, yati.. sawanila.com

nestumrasberi said...

akak orang kuala kangsor jugak..:)

Kualè Girl said...

yatie: hehee... now you know ek? eh... jangan ler cakap cam tu... i am sure that lama2 practice mesti you pun boleh jahit someday.

nestumrasberi: o ya? kuale besor ler kak, kat mana tu... :)

shila said...

the bag is cool . what is the price? and how to order?

Kualè Girl said...

hie shila: please email me to further discuss about this. tq.

nestumrasberi said...

kuale kat kampung banjir (kat sek ren clifford dan sek ren datin khadijah) u pulak kat mane?

twinscraftlife said...

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