Saturday, July 4, 2009

my b&w butterfly drawstring backpack

drawstring backpack

This drawstring backpack is inspired by Barri Sue Gaudet's pattern.

It took me about 3 to 4 days to complete this backpack. I brought it along with me during my morning routine today. The main reason was that I wanted to show-off my first handmade backpack to my friend Ms Tung! That’s mine of course! I sew it according to my likes as per Megat. He is 100% correct. That’s one best thing about handmade item; where you can do as whatever you wished, and it will be one-of-a-kind! I used black and white butterfly cotton from Ikea. I simply lurve this fabric when I first saw it; because it is full of butterflies... my favourite!

drawstring backpack — front

This backpack is about 15" X 16" with 29" X ¾" straps. I machine-stitched patchwork squares for the front part, and added two butterfly hand-appliquè that I cut from the same fabric. It also has a 7" X 4" flap pocket with velcro.

drawstring backpack — back

While for the back part, I simply cut a big square piece of the same fabric.

drawstring backpack — close-up

A close-up view of the front part.

drawstring backpack — close-up

This bag is fully lined with 100% plain blue (my favourite colour) cotton from Ikea as well. Besides that, it is also filled with polyester batting and muslin inter-lining.

Coming-up: Pictures of "In-the-Mood" handbags collections by Kualè Girl, which are for sale. Here's a sneak peak of them anyway...

"In-the-Mood" handmade handbags

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