Thursday, July 23, 2009

100 Craft Links

100 Craft Links

Kualè Girl has been featured in 100 Craft Links, the BEST CRAFT SITES on the web!

Please take note that by the time you click on the above image, I am sure that the link has been dropped; cuz new links are displayed at the top, and the oldest links on the list are dropped.

You can add yours too! But make sure that your site is craft related before posting it. All postings not related to crafts will be deleted and not allowed to post again.

p/s Although Kualè Girl Designs is rather new to some especially local crafters, but I ain't new in the blogosphere and more importantly, in the crafting world. So please bear with me if you find some weird words in this site as I am also a blogger in reality *glurp* So do not be afraid to ask :~)

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