Monday, July 13, 2009

puteri's tote bag

I sew quite a number of items this past few days. One of them is this tote bag for my Puteri, that I have just completed it yesterday. For other items, I guess I will post about it in a different blog post from time to time, for your easy viewing pleasure.

Actually Puteri has been begging me to sew a tote bag with this Ikea fabric for quite some time. She requested me to sew it with the exact sizes like a Barbie PVC tote bag that someone bought for her when she was small. Finally she looks so happy when I showed her this—

puteri's tote bag

I shall dubbed this as a medium sized tote bag. Its finished size is 10¾" width X 12¾" high X 3½" depth; while the straps are 1" width X 22" long.

puteri's tote bag

Take a peek at the inside part of the bag. It is fully lined with interfacing and cotton fabrics.

Do email me if you wish to have this kind of tote bag as well. Maybe we shall custom made it with other different colour of cotton fabrics for the lining i.e. blue, green, yellow, pink or black; just nice to match with the main fabrics. I still have some stocks of this fabric though.

Anyhow, I am in the mid of making some of this type of tote bag to be sold, but with different fabric designs. So make sure you watch this blog for more info soon.

By the way have you join Kualè Girl Designs' Facebook page? One thing for sure you will get the privilege to view Kualè Girl's completed items before anybody else!

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