Monday, July 13, 2009

Fat Quarter World & me...

I found out about Fat Quarter World from quilting magazines that I bought i.e. Quilts and more. I eventually have been browsing thru their site and the selections of fabrics and sewing tools that they have are awesome... I just can't resist my eyes!

I have just placed some fabric orders with them earlier this morning though. We'll see of how long it will take to reach me.

I thought that you already have so many fabrics on hand?

Ya... it's true that I have too much fabric, but what quilter doesn't? I like so many different colours and prints that it is hard for me to narrow down my choices.

I normally buy anywhere from 3—5 metres of any fabric or colour fabric I like, but I must really like it. If I like the fabric and I know it is hard to find, I don't want to be looking for it later. Well sometimes it will be depends on the price as well.

I collect butterfly prints. Not only do I like the butterfly shapes, but I really love the colors that these prints usually include. Because this is a collection, I don't need lots of any one print, rather I like to buy 1 metre of anything I like. This (collection) actually started when I joined quilt block swaps with my online friends. They would send me butterfly fat quarters in return. Over the years I have acquired quite a collection. You wanna help me to add my collection?

I actually hate to cut up some of my favourite fabrics. I just like to look at them in my closet, move them around once in a while and think about how I might use them one day. It is a sickness, I know, but I just can't stand the thought of not having it anymore. I would like to hear about how other quilters or hobbyist deal with their fabric obsession.

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